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about IPCM

Last July 31 to August 1, at least 174 individuals from 29 countries came together in Quezon City, Philippines. There were representatives of mining-affected communities, environmental advocates, Church workers, indigenous peoples, people's organizations and support groups of people's lawyers, legislators, and scientists. Coming from different parts of the globe and from all walks of life,  these men and women gathered to share their stories and lessons, but most of all, to form stronger unities and strategies to resist the onslaught of global large-scale mining plunder, aggression and destruction. They were the International People's Conference on Mining.

The 2015 International People’s Conference on Mining was a gathering of mining-affected communities, environmental advocates, mining campaigners as well as policy makers and other individuals and institutions that are committed to stopping the harm from anti-people mining. The Conference gave the opportunity to assess the situation across the world, share personal stories and lessons, evaluate recent scientific developments, and collectively chart a way forward to strengthen people’s calls, communities and organizations.

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The Conference Program promoted inquiry on an international scale, encouraged individual and collective action, fostered multi-sectoral dialogue and constructive debate, and enhanced skills among attendees. Sessions focused on mining issues across the globe, policy and practice and sought to share key findings, lessons learned, best practices and identify gaps in knowledge. The conference featured case studies of mining action, a daily plenary session, cultural presentations, a press conference, and skill-shares. It also facilitated the crafting of special global, regional and corporate campaigns and networks.

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The 2015 Conference is part of a series of vibrant, thought-provoking and empowering networking events taking place across the Philippines in protest of the 20th year of the Philippine Mining Act or liberalized mining in the country. All events in the series are designed to inspire or skill attendees, while enabling them to gain valuable lessons and  connections for stronger campaigns. 

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