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Conference Goals and Objectives

IPCM objectives

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The IPCM2015 aims to unite and gather as peers mining-affected communities, environmental advocates, mine workers, faith-based groups, indigenous peoples’ groups, lawyers, pro-people scientists and researchers, people’s organizations, and other like-minded institutions and individuals in a common goal to call for an end to destructive, large-scale commercial mining and to effect a pro-people mining regime.

Through the sharing of experiences, lessons, strategies and challenges, the conference has the primary goal of drawing up concrete, sustained, strategic plans of action in making resounding calls for the judicious management of the world’s mineral resources and the protection of people’s rights.


Specific Objectives

  1. Create a common understanding of the global context of  wasteful mineral uses and relentless mining exploitation
  2. Share and learn from practical lessons from struggles vis-a-vis large-scale corporate mining by mining-affected communities around the world
  3. Create regional and international mechanisms to support peoples’ concerns across countries and regions
  4. Craft regional and global action plans and solidarity campaigns to address issues around mining corporations and their large-scale operations
  5. Foster a spirit of solidarity among fellow mining-affected participants