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Plenary Presentations and Workshop Resources

You can also download all materials here (450MB file size).

Keynote Address of Dr. Carol Araullo

Andy Whitmore on Global and Regional Trends in Mining Investments

Towards Environmental Success in Mining Resistance

Indigenous People and Mining and Canada

Regional Mining Situation in Canada

Catherine Coumans on Unraveling Global Corporate Mining Today: Challenges to Mining Campaigners

Mining and Conflict in Mindanao


Workshop on Increasing Resistance and Forging Solidarity on Campaigns Against Large-scale Mining

Community Environmental Monitoring

Sharing the Philippine Experience in Conducting Environmental Investigation Mission

Restoration of Agroecosystem contaminated by Copper

Lewis Gordon on the Legal Workshop of IPCM

Legal Aspects of Globalized Mining

Report of the workshop on gendered impacts of mining on women

Financing Mining Plunder

Establishing Community-based Scientific Tools to Investigate Corporate Mining Accountability

Workshop on mining, land and human rights resolutions