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Occupy OceanaGold!

Solidarity statement by the Kalikasan – People’s Network for the Environment (Kalikasan PNE) on the occasion of the launching of the global campaign against the OceanaGold mining corporation

 July 16, 2016


On behalf of the Kalikasan – People’s Network for the Environment, please receive our heartfelt congratulations and warm solidarity for the launching of the global campaign against the environmental destruction and plunder wrought by the Australian-Canadian OceanaGold mining corporation, here today in New York. We especially commend the hard work put into this important occasion by the main organizers of the campaign: the International People’s Conference on Mining or IPCM, AGHAM – Advocates of Science and Technology for the People, BAYAN USA, and the International Allies Against Mining in El Salvador, among others.

Know that many others share your concern for the rights of people to land, life, and a balanced and healthful ecology across the world, and that we in Kalikasancommit to resolutely support your endeavor to unite the people’s struggles in El Salvador, Philippines, United States, Canada, Australia, and other nations that stand for the people and environment against corporate greed.

The OceanaGold has grown from being a junior company to an emerging player in the global mining industry, with business interests across the nations prior mentioned. It has been a long and dirty road that the corporation has traveled to be where it is now: it has been criminally negligent in its pollution of freshwater sources, displacement and harassment of indigenous people’s communities, leveling of mountains and denudation of forests, and plunder of the mineral wealth and national patrimony of the countries that host its operations.

It is thus of urgent importance for the peoples of the world to defeat this incipient menace. The global metals industry is in the throes of a continuing crisis of overproduction, and as such we expect large-scale miners to intensify their extraction and the massive destruction and pollution that such a scale of plunder is likely to cause, and aggressively “secure” their mining investments to the point of perpetuating human rights violations against its critics and opponents with sheer impunity.

OceanaGold is not merely a rotten apple in the barrel. Rather, it is fast becoming a poster boy of the brand of mining that thrives amidst the neoliberal economic order of globalization. As with many mining firms like it, OceanaGold capitalized on the the wholesale of mineralized lands to foreign corporations on one hand, and the dismantling of state ownership, regulations and controls, especially in the “host countries” of their mines, on the other.

We are thus reminded that OceanaGold is but one ugly face of a many-headed monster that is globalization, a monster that nourishes itself by eroding the sovereignty and patrimony especially of nations from the Global South.

The success of our global campaign, then, is not only a victory for the local communities and nations that suffer OceanaGold’s machinations, but for all the peoples and nations of the world that will benefit from the weakening of this monster. Likewise, our success can only be possible through our unity in struggle. Together, let us bombard OceanaGold with unrelenting opposition at all fronts: at the fences of people’s barricades, in the court rooms, and right outside their offices, we will occupy OceanaGold! We will kick them out of our lands! We will take justice!

Ang nagkakaisang sambayanan ay hindi magagapi kailanman! The people united, shall never be defeated! Un pueblo unido. jamas sera vencido!